Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy’s Little Helper

                I love how kids absolutely LOVE helping and being your “helper” until around the age of 4 ish.  Give or take a year or two.  Well, Samuel is my little helper and he is always looking for an opportunity to do something for me.  Ok, not always but most of the time.  A couple weeks ago Samuel realized that I needed assistance with the organization of our movies.  So he took over that job while I took care of Lily from the sidelines.  He is a champ.

I couldn't resist getting a video of Samuel cleaning up the movies.  He kept saying, "Helper, helper." and, "Trash, trash."but, of course, he wouldn't while I was recording him.

He helped me realize that I didn't want the movies in the drawer.

The trash can is a ...
much more organized system.

                This is really random, but it is exciting for me so I am going to share.  Before Lily was born we sold our only couch.  So, for the last month we have been making due with camping chairs- very uncomfortable when pregnant and difficult for breastfeeding, by the way.  Saturday, June 2nd was a momentous day for our family … drum roll please … we bought a couch.  Not just ONE couch mind you, we bought TWO!  AND, on top of that, they match and, and, and ... they only cost us 70 bucks.  For both of them!  I feel like I just graduated from newlywed class.

Oh yeah!
Look at that, we have couches.

Couch cleaning time.
Manj, remember your hairy couch?  Cause I do.

Samuel LOVES cleaning!!

 Now I have two matching couches to go with my headboard.

My BEAUTIFUL headboard that I LOVE- thanks Heather!!


  1. oh what fun!

    on a side note, i have to tell you that i now understand how you were up and about so soon after having lily. thanks for your post about using the bradley method-- it seriously convinced me to find the book and then try it. i'm a fan. thanks!

  2. Couches! That is so exciting Em ;) They look great!