Sunday, May 11, 2014

To a special mother

Dear Charlie,                                                                                                            May 10, 2014

                Hello, Little One.  I want to tell you a story—it is a very special story—it is special because it is about your Mommy…

                I am so honored that your mother invited me to be with her during your birth.  I remember -walking into the delivery room and your Mommy was smiling from ear to ear.  She was smiling that distinctive “I-am-about-to-be-a-mom” smile.  Her eyes were dancing with joy and excitement!  And it was, Charlie, it was a happy time because you were on your way to her arms.

                Then, when the labor pains became too strong for smiles; your Mama relaxed, and steadied her breathing- while your Daddy steadied your Mama.  Her hand sought his when she needed support.  He whispered sweet nothings into her ear from time to time to soothe and encourage her.  And when your Mommy needed someone to lean on, as her legs failed her, your Daddy was always close by.  He could never leave the side of the woman he loves.  Charlie, theirs is a deep love; a forever love.  And the beautiful thing about love is, it grows.

                Your Mommy was patient; she labored and waited, and waited and labored.  And then Charlie, it was time for pushing, and oh did your Mama push!  She pushed with all she had, despite her exhaustion.   She was so tired, Charlie, so tired-- twelve long hours she endured-- what a strong woman she is!  And it was all for you.  They say a mother would do anything for her child, well, this is what your mother did for you.  She pressed on, never complaining, the thought of you never far from her mind.  Your mother loves you Charlie.  Remember what I said about love?  It grows.  She will continue to love you for all time.

                When they placed you on your Mommy’s chest, she beamed!  There is nothing as beautiful as the face of a new mother.  Eyes with bags under them, flush from pushing and ratted hair from the oxygen mask, only add to the beauty of her triumphant smile.  The hard work of labor, quickly forgotten because you, Charlie, were worth all of it.  I am sure she would have done it all again if it were required.

                Your mother is one of a kind, Charlie.  You are blessed to have been sent to one so exceptional.

Lots of love to both of you,

Monday, May 5, 2014

To my darling Lily Fae,

                                                                             May 5, 2014
            Another year has come and gone—and what an exciting year it has been too—now, it is your second birthday.  Two years, Lily, two YEARS.  How fickle time can be, passing quickly when it should be savored and slowly when you would prefer it to be hasty.  I cannot believe how swiftly your childhood is passing before my eyes as I try desperately to enjoy it before it is gone.
            So much has happened this past year: you finally started talking, you have a full head of hair (at last!), and your baby brother Abram was born.  Earlier this past year, your father and I were deeply concerned about your lack of verbal communication.  You were nearing 20 months and you still didn't say anything but “shoe”.  Now though, you speak all the time!  Unfortunately, more often than not I cannot understand a word that comes out your mouth.  Although there are a few that come out loud and clear like, “NO!” and “Mine.”  Depending on the situation, it either makes me giggle or annoyed how you call for me, because you say … “Mommymommymommymommymommymommymommy…” over and over again until you have my full attention.  And if my attentions slips for a moment you go at it again.  That is going to be one of the things I miss as you grow older… if you stop calling for me that way, that is.  I honestly can’t decide if I want you to stop or not.
            Maybe it is just because I am a hairdresser… but you have a full head of hair and I am so proud!  I have had to cut it twice now, and your haircut is absolutely adorable- if I do say so myself.  You make me smile Lily, because you love hair too.  Often you sneak into the bathroom to grab the baggie of rubber bands to casually bring to me so I can put your hair up.  Other times you will come out with my big purple brush, which you take to Daddy, for him to brush and brush and brush your hair. You adore your Daddy- you two have a special bond, for sure.  Sometimes, when Daddy helps you get dressed, you come out wearing mismatched clothes topped with lop-sided piggytails and you grin from ear to ear while holding Daddy’s hand.  And the sight of it makes me so happy I don’t have the heart to straighten you out.
            I remember, it was early, early in the morning when Grandma woke you and Samuel to be there for the birth of baby Abram.  As his dark head started crowning you confidently stated, “Poop!  Poop.”  And oh how we laughed, for what you thought was poop, was most certainly not.  Once Abram slipped out you were immediately as close as you could possibly be.  You touched him once and he was “sticky!” so you didn’t touch him again, but oh how you adored him.  Your “Bebe” was here; you loved him and mothered him from the very beginning.  You are going to be a great mother someday, darling, because you know how to love with your whole heart.  Stay that way Lily.  Don’t forget how to love- especially yourself.  Take pride in the things that make you unique—embrace them—for you are a daughter of God and He doesn’t make mistakes.  He sent you here to Daddy and I, and we thank Him every day for you.  Our family wouldn’t be complete without you.
            You know, when I was a young girl I believed in forever families, but it wasn’t until I married your father and we started our own family that I knew.  I don’t ever want to be anywhere without your father.  I love him so.  What a happy day it will be when you are sealed to the man you choose to love, in the temple.  Beginning your very own forever family.  I am looking forward to that day- but for now, I need you to be my Little Miss for a little longer.  We have a lot to learn together still, you and I.  I love you my sweet Lily.
Happy birthday my wee darling!!
Lots of love,