Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Rainy, Muddy, and AWESOME Quad Ride

 December 15th
                It has been a really long, long time since we have gone on a good quad ride with my family- way too long  So, this last Saturday when everyone was finally available, we jumped on the opportunity.  AJ and I were anxious all week- Saturday couldn't come fast enough!  Then when Saturday finally did come we were not swayed one bit by the pouring rain.  And while we were on our quads riding out to the Gila River we found this guy.
    He was chillin’ in the middle of the trail and Gina almost made a tarantula pancake out of him.  Gina held him first and then Brent, and just as he was starting to crawl onto AJ’s hand everyone else pulled up and ran over, talking loudly and getting their faces as close as possible.  (This made the tarantula a little uncomfortable and Brent a little worried.)  So AJ didn't get a chance to hold him because it isn't safe to hold an agitated tarantula.  But he was still cool to see.

                We found this amazing patch of trees out in the middle of the desert and built a fire to warm water for hot chocolate and to warm our freezing booties, hands and noses.    

While we were waiting for the water to warm, Mom and the kids were climbing all over in the trees above.

And Samuel was exploring the roots below.

              After hot chocolate and lunch we couldn't wait any longer to get out and ride again!  Here are some pictures of our fun adventures:

Lily helping with lunch.
The "Tree Tunnel"
Samuel and Uncle Brently
Nap time!
Aunt Gina and Samuel know how to have fun.
Samuel and Daddy got MUDDY!
Muddy fun!  On their way to wash off in the cold Gila River.
We were SOAKED!
Look at all those mud babies.
 Pretty much we had a GURR-8 time!  The end.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome Back!

Long time no see, huh?  Yeah, sorry about that, but my little sister got married.  My last post was on December 18th.  That gave my Mom and I ONE month to prepare everything for the big day on January 19th, and a whole week and a day for recovery purposes.  I am happy to say, now that centerpieces are no longer dancing in my head, and cake is no longer my main food source, I can blog again!  And if you know me, you know I can't NOT add a picture.  Here are the newly-weds, my little sister Becca and her husband, Steve.

Photo by Sheffield/Shaw Photography, Hair by the one and only me, and Makeup by Marina H.

Okay everyone, you are seriously going to LOVE these next two pictures.  At Becca and Steve’s reception there was a salad bar- table with all the fixings for a really yummy salad.  Anywho, while AJ and I had our backs turned Samuel decided to help himself to the cheese…

Photo by Sheffield/Shaw Photography
Photo by Sheffield/Shaw Photography

Oh yeah!  Get ‘er done Samuel.  That is my kid right there.  Wait, I wonder how many people dished their cheese with those tongs after Samuel got his fill … eek!  Maybe I don't want to own up to this one.
Subject change!  Lily is walking.  Okay, almost walking- as in, walking isn't her main mode of transportation quite yet, but she is sure close.  She always stands up and tries to walk to where ever it is she going to, then she gives up falls and crawls the rest of the way. Yesterday, we counted 14 steps before she fell over and started crawling.  Lily is also the proud owner of four teeth!  I love her little smile with her four tiny teeth just becoming visible- so cute.  My little baby is hardly a baby anymore.

Photo by Impact Photography Group