Wednesday, April 11, 2012

AJ and Samuel + Emily = 4

                Around the time Samuel was 7 months old we decided it was time to start trying for baby #2.  I was still nursing Samuel and I continued to nurse him until he was a year old.  I was missing periods all the time because of nursing, so we bought tons of Dollar Tree pregnancy tests, thinking that I might be pregnant.  They were always negative.  In the beginning part of me was glad; I didn’t feel quite ready for pregnancy again.  It was completely selfish of me, and I am a little ashamed to admit it.  Especially, when I know women who would give almost anything for a positive test, and I was secretly happy about negatives.
                Around the time Samuel was 10 months old, I started to get anxious that I wasn’t pregnant yet.  Was something wrong with me?  I knew that nursing could be a pretty effective birth control method for some women- was I one of those women?  During this time my awesome sister-in-law, Amanda, came to live with us, and while she was living with us she had a dream.  Her dream was that before she moved out, in a couple months, we would announce that we were pregnant.  In our original game plan we were planning on having baby #2 about 2 to 3 months after Samuel turned one.  That was obviously was not going to happen; seeing how I wasn’t even pregnant yet.
                We waited until Samuel was a year old and we decided to wean him.  Hoping that would help me to become pregnant.  Samuel’s birthday came and went in a blink of an eye, and we still weren’t pregnant … but I was late.  I really didn’t want to take a test because I just knew that it was going to be negative- they always were.  AJ managed to convince me and the first test that we took was … negative.  I knew it.  This happened every time.  After a couple days had past, AJ wanted to try again.  I wondered why he wanted to waste a perfectly good pregnancy test because I already knew what the result was going to be.  But I took another test, and it came up … negative.  I threw the stupid test in the bathroom trash can on my way to tell AJ the results.
                A few minutes later I found myself in the bathroom again, and for some strange reason I decided to check the test results again.  So, I pulled the pregnancy test back out of the trash can.  (Side note:  I don’t usually dig around in the garbage, unless I am fishing for the phone or keys.  I was a little surprised with myself.)  When I looked at the results this time there was the faintest second line … positive.  I was shocked.  I took it out to show AJ and he started dancing around the kitchen singing, “A positive’s a positive!  A positive’s a positive!”
A faint line is still a line.
                I was still a little skeptical, but hopeful at this point.  I wanted to know FOR SURE that I was indeed pregnant.  So the next day September 9, 2011, I made AJ drive me to the Woman’s Clinic in Pleasant Grove.  Looking back now that was kind of silly because I just pee in a cup, and they do the same thing we could have done.  Nonetheless, my test came back positive again!  I was, in fact, 6 weeks pregnant and due on May 1, 2012.


  1. i might be imagining it, but the bottom test on the first pic looks like it also has a faint positive line...
    anywhos! congrats on number 2! you're #2 is due on Brad and I's anniversary. :-)

  2. I see it too Marie! That's what my line looked like with my oldest You could barely see it!

  3. Ok, ok. :) That was the best picture I could find. I did see the faint line too, but I figured most people wouldn't notice it. He he he. Happy (early) anniversary Marie and Brad!! And thank you we are so excited!

  4. I remember that dream and the one that came after. You are so close now, how exciting!